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Welcome to the website of the Bytom city
14 grudnia 2018, Alfred, Izydor

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For Investor

Bytom City Hall
More information on property for sale and other investment opportunities can be obtained from:

Bytom City Hall
Department of Land Survey and Property Administration
41-902 Bytom, 2 Parkowa St.
phone/fax: 032 2836227




  • Real Estate Kędzierzyńska St. and Jana Pawła II Avenue
  • Real Estate Dworska Street
  • Real Estate Elektrownia Steet, Racjonalizatorów Steet
  • Real property Ostatnia St. Plot No.: 1372/117
  • Real property Ostatnia St. Plot No.: 1366/117
  • Landed property Zabrzańska St.
  • Real property Ks. Jana Frenzla St.
  • Built-up real property 6 Chorzowska St.
  • Built-up real property 17 Chrzanowskiego St.
  • Real property Korfantego St.
  • Real property Świętochłowicka St.
  • Built-up real property 43 Piłsudskiego St.
  • Real property Strzelców Bytomskich St. (the area of the former coal-mine "Powstańców Śląskich")
  • Investment offer 112 Zabrzańska St. ( called ,,Szombierki Fields”)

Investment offers for hotels

  • Real property, 112 Zabrzańska St. (called "Szombierki Fields")

Investment offer – areas of other owners

  • Built up real property Szyby Rycerskie St. – located on Conbelts Bytom S. A. area
  • Real property Strzelców Bytomskich St./Dąbrowa Miejska St.
  • Real property Dąbrowa Miejska St. - Przy Kopalni Bytom St.