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Welcome to the website of the Bytom city
18 grudnia 2018, Laura, Boguslaw, Gracjan

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The City of Bytom has plenty to offer to art lovers.

The luminaries of Bytom's cultural arena have been successful worldwide and are famous countrywide for their cultural excellence, particularly in dance, music and singing. We have the pleasure to present Bytom's leading institutions of culture, in whose accomplishments we take special pride.

1198780520.jpgSilesian Opera

Bytom, 21 Moniuszki St.
phone: 281-34-31

The day of the premiere of "Halka" -- Stanislaw Moniuszko's most celebrated opera (June 14, 1945) -- performed by the group organized and directed by the world-famous artist Mr. Adam Didur, is regarded as the official opening date of the Silesian Opera. Under Mr. Didur's leadership, in the first several months was formed a circle of highly talented young soloists. At the same time, a number of singers from the repatriated Silesian Opera joined in.

Since its very early days, the Silesian Opera has been housed in the building of the former Municipal Theater, designed by the renowned architect A. Boehm and erected in the years 1898-1901. The building, one of the most exquisite structures in Bytom, in its essence neoclassic, with an addition of some expressionistic elements, grips the viewer's attention with a multitude of plaster ornaments and an impressive dome topping its pavilion roof.

1198780526.jpgSince its foundation, the opera house has given about 200 premieres of a variety of operas and ballets. Among Polish masterpieces that have been put on stage throughout the period of Silesian Opera's activity are the complete works of Moniuszko, the compositions of Szymanowski, Rozycki, Rudzinski, Maklakiewicz, Swider, Twardowski and Baird. The repertoire includes a respectable number of operas of Mozart, the major works of Verdi, nearly all of Puccini's, and many pieces representative for the 20th century.

Bytom's stage has seen many world premieres, Polish as well as international. The local stage is also famous for its gala concerts with the participation of top opera stars, broadcast by radio and TV stations. Since the Opera's earliest years, ballet productions have been staged here, too -- it was in Bytom's opera house that the first performance of "Pan Twardowski" after 1945, produced by Stanislaw Miszczyk, took place.

he Silesian Opera has also earned the recognition and admiration of foreign audiences. It has given guest performances in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Ukraine and Czech Republic. It is the only Polish opera stage to have made two tours of America, delivering a production of Moniuszko's "Halka" on stages across the continent from Montreal to New York. Good attendance (the opera house has 500 seats, normally all of them taken) and special performances for schoolchildren called "Opera Meetings" are the two most distinctive features of the local opera distinguishing it from many others in Poland. The Silesian Opera is the only Poland's opera that is obliged to perform in the other cities of Silesia and the neighboring regions.Many live concerts of the Silesian Opera have been recorded and published on discs.

1198781251.jpgMuseum of Upper Silesia

41-902 Bytom, 2 Jana III Sobieskiego Square,
phone/fax: 281-34-01, tel.: 281-82-94

Branch: 34 Korfantego St., phone: 81-97-33

Exhibition opening hours:
Mondays -- closed
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays -- from 10am to 3pm
Wednesdays --- from 10am to 6pm
Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays -- 11am to 3pm
On Sundays entrance is free

The Museum was founded in 1945 in order to ensure continuity of the fine tradition of the Silesian Museum in Katowice; in the new Museum's collection were also included the exhibits salvaged from the Oberschlesisches Landesmuseum that had existed in Bytom in the years 1929-1944. The first exhibition opened in May 1945. In 1950 the Museum was renamed the Museum of Upper Silesia and raised to the status of a regional government institution, thus one of primary importance to the entire region. In 1978 the Museum came into possession of the building of the former Polish Dom Narodowy UL (The UL National House) at 38 W.Korfantego street, where the Museum's History Department is now seated. In 1982 the Museum acquired additional space at 34 W.Korfantego street where are now held temporary expositions and concerts. The Museum occupies the building of the former Oberschlesisches Landesmuseum designed by A.Stütz and H.Hatler and erected in the years 1929-1930, while the 34 W.Korfantego street Branch is housed in the building of the old-time district (powiat) administration designed by M.Schöring and K.Segritz and constructed in the years 1899-1902.

1198856193.jpgBytom Culture Center

The Bytom Culture Center (BCK) is a modern public service institution whose activities are concentrated in the area of culture. Its mission is defined as the organization and management of educational programs and projects aiming at the promotion of culture. Among other activities, the Center operates the "Kronika" Gallery whose primary objective is to present contemporary art.

BCK's activities are planned and managed with an eye on the benefit of the local community, trying to satisfy the needs of all social and age groups. The Center's reputation with local artistic circles and audiences makes it an attractive place visited by hosts of artists and art lovers.

At the moment, BCK-owned spacious "To Tu" concert hall is undergoing renovation, which is due to be completed in January 2002. In addition, the Center manages the exhibition rooms of the "Kronika Gallery" and the technical equipment that allows it to meet the highest professional standards in handling artistic events.

BCK's main activities

The promotion of culture - preparation and presentation of artistic productions from different domains of art; dissemination of new trends in culture; initiating and performing research of the expectations of the local community with regard to art; art management services oriented on acquainting the regional audience with new artistic phenomena and the most interesting and valuable achievements of modern culture.

Education for culture - administration of educational programs addressed to all age groups (art workshops, lectures, panel discussions, contests, etc.).

Promotion of Bytom's artists and local artistic communities - backing up the most interesting artistic initiatives on a local and regional scale; providing technical, financial, organizational and advisory support for selected projects.

Provision of advisory and organizational support interacting with institutions and organizations of culture nationwide and worldwide; the exchange of experience and joint execution of projects.

Cultural exchange with the partner cities - Recklinghausen (Germany), Butte Silver Bow (the USA) encompassing joint organization of cyclical events as well as other forms of cooperation in the field of art and culture.

Karin Stanek 1
phone/fax: (0-32) 389-31-09 - 10, phone: 787-00-48, 787-00-51

"Kronika" Gallery

Founded 10 years ago, the Gallery is one of the most agile exhibition centers in Upper Silesia, notable for its responsiveness to new trends in contemporary art. As its primary objective, it concentrates on the presentation of artists regardless of expression media and techniques they employ -- from painting and graphics to the art of the object, installations and video productions.While seeking to feature the most celebrated and recognized artists, "Kronika" does not refrain from displaying the creations of young and promising artists. The Gallery exhibits the productions of domestic as well as foreign artists; a number of exhibitions are held in cooperation with other Poland's exhibition centers.

Rynek 26, Bytom Poland
tel./fax. (48 32) 281 81 33, (48 32) 281 76 94

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 11.00 – 18.00
Friday: 14.00 – 20.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 15.00  


Municipal Library

Bytom, pl. Jana III Sobieskiego 3
phone: 787-06-01, fax: 787-06-04
e-mail: ,

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 7:00 pm,
Saturdays from 9:00am to 3:00 pm. Mail in English and German.

Organization Structure

Main Library - Director: Mr. Dariusz Kot

  • The Office
  • Accounting and Finance Department
  • General Administration Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Book Storage and Maintenance Section
  • Organization and Method Department
  • Information and Bibliography Department
  • Bytom History Workshop
  • Reading Section - Scientific Reading Room and Magazine Reading Room
  • Scientific Lending Section
  • General Lending Section
  • Children's Books Section w/ "Rotunda" Gallery
  • Section for Special Book Collections - Audio and Visual Publications Circulation

Number of general branches - 14; number of specialized branches - 3: hospital and for blind persons.

Services provided

he library collects, prepares, and provides access to: book form publications (ca. 500.000 volumes), periodicals (ca. 200 titles), audiovisual publications (audio and video tapes, records and CDs, and the so-called "said books"), the "Silesiana" and "Bytomiana" collections (containing books, documents and other material relating to the region and the City). The Children's Literature Department organizes art workshops, literary workshops and musical workshops; it also issues the "Aves" quarterly magazine (ISSN 1425-3542). The library provides a range of services for the population of the Bytom area: it supplies library, union-catalog, bibliographic and factual information, organizes library lessons, acts as agent in inter-library exchange, compiles bibliographies (e.g. the current "Bibliography of Bytom"), and collects all sorts of material pertaining to the region. Three types of library catalogs are available for readers' convenience, so he/she can search the Library's collections by alphabet, subject or by index. Upon request, "said books" can be delivered to the homes of disabled persons.

Art Galleries

"Pod SZTRYCHEM" Gallery
Youth Culture Center No.1
Bytom, 12 Powstańców Warszawskich St.
phone/fax (0-32) 281 25 08; (0-32) 282 94 89

We guarantee the touch of art, a new exhibition each month, and hot drinks for a penny. Open between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, on Saturdays and Sundays - as we please. Don't miss us!

The Gallery's name ("Pod Sztrychem" -- which translates as "Below the Line") is a colloquial expression borrowed from the Upper Silesian dialect, which suggests a firm link it to the origins of our home land. Indeed, it is our belief that, living here in Silesia, we cannot exist but within our tradition, and this is why it worth a while to save a single word or object from oblivion. The Gallery aims to serve as a meeting point for the local artists, trying to integrate professional artists with the young ones who are still seeking their place in the world of art and whose days are yet to come. The Gallery therefore present the works of its own domestic artists as well as of those, young and old, who prefer to work freelance. The Gallery is open daily.

Anyone can come here, have a cup of tea or coffee, and view the exhibitions that are replaced every month. The Gallery was founded through an initiative of WSZA's -- "Wolne Stowarzyszenie Zielonych Artystow" [The Free Association of Green Artists] Group, and the building now housing the Gallery was wholly renovated by the Group's members themselves, after their own design. As of September 1997, six WSZA volunteers have been working shifts to keep the Gallery open to the public, attracting hosts of young visitors whether or not associated with the Group or involved in any sort of artistic activity. "Pod Sztrychem" also organizes music concerts and meetings with luminaries of art, philosophy, psychology, etc. In addition, the Gallery offers an opportunity to get a glimpse of a number of professional artists' magazines such as Opcje, Art&Business, Exit, Text&Textil.

"OD NOWA 2" Art Gallery
Bytom, 24 Dworcowa St.
phone: 787-15-57

"Kronika" Gallery
Rynek 26
phone/fax 281-81-33

"Stalowe Anioly" Utilitarian Art Gallery
Bytom, 17 Jainty St.
"Platforma" Gallery
Bytom, Rynek 26
phone: 282 28 11
"Pod Czaplą" Gallery
Bytom, 8 Moniuszki St.
phone: 281-18-53
City Library - "Rotunda" Gallery
Bytom, 3 Sobieskiego square
"Plastyka" SPAP Gallery - "Kolor" Gallery
Bytom, Rynek 6
"Suplement" Gallery
Bytom, Rynek
phone: 787-01-56

"Złota gałąź" Gallery
Bytom, 5/2 Moniuszki St.